Marvelous sound with a smart outlook.



※The biz that can be taken off is used on upper edges of actual products.

Front beating board made by transparent acrylic material provides a perfect tight sound during performance.
Back beating board made by Finland birch gives a rich echo of sound.
Body made by heavy Russia birch guarantees a stable bass sound.
The 8 strings which can detect every delicate biting can be tuned by users.
Space between side edges and body can be tuned, which gives a large variety of sound performance.
Curving process added on build-in parts improves the attachment between beating board and strings. This can avoid any extra vibration during performance.
Special body coating is used to give a luxurious outlook for Pedro Cajon.
Coating on back beating board is also suitable for performance with brush.
Wood with excellent durability is used on body.
High quality gold-plated parts are used on every single part of Pedro Cajon.

CHBB Chaany birch basic 2013
Price:88,000 yen


■SizeW300 x D300 x H450 mm
■WeightAround 5.5kg
■Front beating boardAcrylic
■Back beating boardFinland birch plywood/Urethane Coating (Matte)
■BodyRussia birch plywood/Urethane Coating (Glossy)
■AccessoriesWrench(For settings of beating board)


■Original design on beating board by Laser Carving service.
From 10,000 yen ~
Please feel free to contact us for details


■Custom-made services such as pickup technique are also provided.
Please feel free to contact us for details

color lineup




※Color of real products may be different with photos as every grain of wood is unique.

※Price and design may be changed without announcement in case of improvement of products are needed.



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